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Amp FreQQ
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 128 reviews
by Tyron (Lion Rock Crew) on Amp FreQQ

The best thing since the invention of the wheel !!!
Absolutely in love with the AmpFreQQ.
It gives my gigs another dimension.
Highly recommend this little beast !!!
The AmpFreQQ is absolute 🔥🔥🔥

by Noé on Amp FreQQ

La solution abordable et sans compromis pour ceux qui souhaitent apprendre à utiliser un préamp sans avoir à débourser minimum 600€.
En plus le service est au top et très réactif !

by Papa Lawrence on Amp FreQQ

Il sogno diventa realtà! Un preamp funzionante, portabile e a basso costo, perfetto per chi si diverte a giocare con dischi e speaker. Gran bel risultato, ottime funzionalità e qualità del suono super! Well done!!

by Kei Enne on Amp FreQQ

Amp Freqq is the main location in your PC for a Sound System experience with the components out. Imagine it if we improve an sound system and use it just for control your digital tune or more.
it is a good expansion for our dj style and the selected time!

by Nelson Terris on Amp FreQQ

Hello fellow Dub Heads.
The idea of a software pre amp was so off the wall and such a wow moment that this will change the way people play and make music. Not everyone can afford a custom made preamp and the other toys that makes a sound system. Amp Freqq has given access to a new breed of selecta and you will see different styles of DJing using this product and new forms will be created. What a way to find out how to play and manipulate and understand how to play music the only limit is your imagination.

My product review is a 10 out of 10 it a shed load of fun with great support via youtube and the Amp Freqq website.You want to be a selecta a DJ a producer Amp Freqq has just opened the door. Now I'm going to rinse a tune on this software and turn it into a beast you want to do the same then get the software.

by Miguel on Amp FreQQ

Super logiciel, se prend vite en main et il permet de rapidement s'amuser avec!

De plus Sarge réponds très rapidement et efficacement aux questions qu'on peut lui poser sur les configurations/branchements sur ce logiciel!
Big respect!

by Edwin Vieux Fort on Amp FreQQ

the preamp is just on top, well complete especially for beginners like me! moreover the responsiveness of the sav is great and meets all expectations! ps: i am french and sorry for my english!

by Amram Modek on Amp FreQQ

the best app preamp that is around...
let soundsystem culture live on

by Mickaël Champion on Amp FreQQ

Great program thank you amp freq

The Follow-up is very good and fast 

by Stef on Amp FreQQ

Impressive pre-amp soft ! Lots of features that allows you to enjoy your selection and go into dub exploration. Magic !
Many thanks to Sarge/Amp Freqq team

by sphearex stoner soviet on Amp FreQQ

el servicio por parte de Sarge es genial, el programa es brutal, lo vi en directo en el rototom y supe que lo necesitaba en casa

by Jonathan RedJay Corbett on Amp FreQQ

I was sceptical.
To say the least.

A few months ago, i was ALL OVER the page, telling anyone who would listen, and Sarge amongst em....

How pre amp and analogue signal path would always be the way forward...
Then i went to Sunsplash Festival in Spain, saw Amp freqq's stall... and thought.. "why not.. why dont I put all scepticism to the test.. prove im "right" shall i?

So, over i went. Met a lovely guy, Sarge, and two lovely ladies who showed me Amp Freqq.


AMP FREQQ IS AMAZING.... Everything works like a physical setup... and more....
The player is brilliant, inc tje nice rewind button. The EQ sounds crisp and sweet. The kills are spot on, superb.
The tape delay, what can i say? The algorithm makes it sound more "tape delay" than a.... tape delay.... and, AND A>N>D!!! it has SO much more..
bandpass filtering on your delay? YUP.
Parametric KILLS? Yup.
Audio input? Yup
Mic? yup
tweak parameters? Yup

So, Sarge, and ladies (i forgot your names, im ever so sorry, but was a delight to meet u in Spain!), i stand corrected and wrong!

Any sound man and selectahs will be welcome to come try it....... Five stars! Highly recommend!

by Tony Twist on Amp FreQQ

So I Got Amp Freeq V1 and loved it so much I had to upgrade not stopped playing since I highly recommend this the customer care is second to none Sarge is very helpful and friendly guy .... NUFF RESPECT

by Pim SonofaGun on Amp FreQQ

Really lovin this ..good service as well !! respect from gekkosoundsystem

by Enrique Geijo Sanchez on Amp FreQQ

10 en todo.manejo ,simplicidad.Un verdadero juguetete para los amantes de Roots,dub and Culture.Grande la gente de amp freqq

by Don Johnson on Amp FreQQ

Easy to use and great fun.

Purchased more than a month ago, AmpFreQQ is a virtual preamp easy to use and extremely effective! MIDI assignments are made with ease (LaunchControl XL) and respond to perfection!
I could use AmpFreQQ for a live set, I feasted !!
Sarge is very responsive to all questions and it is a pleasure to chat with him!
Updates are planned in order to make AmpFreQQ live, it is only happy !!
A huge thank you to Sarge for his work !!
Dub It Everyday !!

by Ne Qua on Amp FreQQ

Great, great, great! i can finally bring that dubwise sound into town!

by Lutin Dub on Amp FreQQ

Very good software for my use, a team very attentive and available! everything is perfect.

by Marco Reyna on Amp FreQQ

Fácil de usar, el mejor pre amplificador digital en la vía láctea , espero que pronto pueda actualizar a la versión MIDI

Gracias Amp Freqq! Excelente servicio al cliente.

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