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Audio interface & routing

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Audio Settings
• Amp FreQQ only supports one input audio interface. Therefore an interface of 2 to 4 input channels is recommended
Here you can setup all your Audio preferences
Driver –
Select your audio interfaces own driver. Then use its own software setup to select the correct inputs and outputs in conjunction with I/O settings on the FreQQ
(“ad_mme” and “ad_directsound” are built in audio drivers which display input and output options. Input device will go straight to the assignable inputs/Mic on Amp-FreQQ and the output selects your interface and outputs L&R. Use this only if nothing else works.)
You should not need to use anything in the Performance and Scheduler section , as Amp FreQQ will generally select the best parameters automatically), however if you have an issue with slow audio or crackling, etc:
• Check that the sample rate is set the same throughout. On Amp FreQQ  and on all the OS Sound properties on all devices, including the inputs
• Settings, audio settings, change Vector size to 1024 and Io vector to 256 and see if this improves. Note: This will increase input latency and the systems performance is dependant on the power of your CPU and audio interface.
also, check to make sure your “thread priority” is set to the highest it can be.
(this tells the computer how “important” the program is to deal with, compared to other programs it is running. Set to HIGHEST ?
Open I/O settings  allows you select the channels you want to use and route them to Amp FreQQ,
Audio Driver settings settings allows you to select the channels you want to use and route them to Amp FreQQ,
“Audio Driver” settings opens your audio drivers own setup or OS Sound setup. You may need to configure separate channels for Mic and Line inputs and other adjustments or settings here.
I/O Mappings
Here you setup how Amp–FreQQ uses the inputs and outputs.
Input 1 and Input 2 (Source inputs In1 & In2),
Input 3 and Input 4 (Mic/Aux)
If your audio card and driver do not support 2 separate channels then you will need to choose between the source inputs and Mic as audio will play on all channels. If you want a Mic connected, switch off inputs 1 and 2 and select input 3 otherwise the mic may play in both assignable and Mic inputs . If your audio interface has 2 or more separate channels, then using a combination of the I/O settings and your audio cards drivers, you can have separate mic and assignable inputs.
USB Audio mixers
These type of mixers have built in audio interfaces and can be used, but you may need to set Amp FreQQ Outputs to a different audio interface. This is because audio may also play directly through in addition to the audio being processed by Amp FreQQ

DAW* DJ applications **, other software music  players , streaming (YouTube, Spotify etc)
Internal Routing Methods
In this method a 3rd party interapp audio routing application is used
Please download and install the relevant version …
Mac – Soundflower (Virtual device)
Download the DMG. Freeware
PC – VB HIFI Cable (Virtual device) {You can see HIFI cable set in inputs in the example image above}
About half way down the page. Please note its donationware
1. Driver – (PC Only) Set the driver to ad_directsound in settings, audio settings.
2. Set input on Amp FreQQ audio settings to  to Virtual device
3. Set you OS default sound output to Virtual device
4. You should see audio on the VUs on source inputs In1 and In2. Unmute by clicking the red mute buttons above the faders
5. Remember to switch back your OS output to your normal audio device when not using this routing
*In some cases your DAW may appear as an option in Amp FreQQ audio settings inputs. If so, select it and try. This method allows you to mix (And record) the master output of your DAW outputs live
** In some cases your DJ app may appear as an option in Amp FreQQ audio settings inputs. If you are using a DJ controller with a built in interface then that may also appear as an option in inputs. (Please ensure DJ controller is plugged in and your DJ app is running before launching the FreQQ)
If you can see and hear the audio but unable to operate FreQQ properly, this maybe because the DJ app is also playing the same audio to the controller. There may be a way to mute it but in a few cases we have found that the budget controllers (particularly Serato (go figure!) just wont work.
(A test to be sure, is to run the DJ app without DJ controller, using the above stated method and if it works, that was the issue. There is an option that work for most, and if you have difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.
1. Add an interface . Route out of your DJ controller a new audio interface and set Amp FreQQs inputs to it. (works most of the time)
2. Use a second computer with an audio interface and route out of one to the other
3. Both of these options are shown in Connection Diagrams
There are many other ways to Route Amp FreQQ, in time we will have tested more and will make them available on our support pages

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