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Setup Ideas

Amp FreQQ v3 fits into any kind of workflow. It can be fully enjoyed both as a standalone dubbing station or as an add-on to your current setup


Amp FreQQ was developed from the beginning to be an all-in-one dubbing solution. You get 2 audio players, a dub siren, and a sample player on top of a unique array of FX, filters, equalizers, and isolators.

Classic DJ Setup

Just route the master out of your mixer to an audio interface and feed it to FreQQs input channels 1 and 2. If you are beatmatching as well, adjust the audio settings to get virtually zero latency.

Digital DJ Setup

You can route the master out of any other DJ app/controller into Amp FreQQ using a free, third-party virtual audio interface. Some higher end Serato/Traktor controllers can be seen as input devices, making the process even easier.

King David Style

The original sound system formula. Use input channels 1&2 to connect a turntable and plug mics and sirens into channels 3 and 4.

Backing for Live Shows

Are you looking for a straightforward way to play backing tracks in combination with some instruments and/or microphones? With 4 mono inputs, independent FX sends for 2 of them, and virtually no latency, Amp FreQQ v3 might be your best choice.

Production Finaliser

Add a unique flavor to your productions. Set yourself free from the concept of automation. Just get loose and record the results on the fly using the built-in audio recorder (wav/aiff output, straight to file).

Radio Shows

Do you run a podcast or a radio show? You will love using Amp FreQQ to add a sound system vibe to it by the use of the FX and the dub siren. The kills and/or the dub filter provide a much-needed alternative to the old talk-over techniques, and the sample player is just the right tool to play jingles.

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