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Rated 5 out of 5

So happy with this piece of kit. Got it just after new year as I though it would work perfectly with my set up and I’ve not been disappointed at all. The setup was easy and painless with a full guide on there site to help you through it. I even emailed the company on New Year’s Day for help and they replied within 20 minutes ( top marks ). I have it setup directly to my pc and my deck connects through usb so I can use all the functions of the amp freqq while playing records or mp3s etc. I then run it all back to my mixer so I can use my mic and some of the extra functions on it and I can say there’s hardly any latency at all. You can control the latency through the options which is great as you have full control. Now using the amp freqq is a skill on its own. The echo and reverb add great depth to my shows but for me the kills are amazing. As you can control 4 sounds ( sub bass, bass, mids and tops ) if you kill the sub bass you’re left with a really nice sound as the bass is still there but when you want to drop the heavy bass it’s like booooom. The dub siren is fully controllable and sounds like you have a real dub siren rather than other types of electric ones which sound synthetic. My advice is find me The General on sound cloud and listen what this beast can do then go but it !!!!!!

Stuart Hackett
Rated 5 out of 5

It’s really incredible what you can do with this software, my setup is barebone but I can produce very good dub mixes. If you are into reggae and dub and interested in mixing amp freqq is a great tool even for people with no prior experience like me. Support from the creator is also great!

Jeremias Hübner
Rated 5 out of 5

mixing/live events/and interpretation
We at OneCru have been mixing /Playing/and integrating Amp Free QQ V2 into our (Native Instruments System) for 2 week now. It has rekindled our love of Roots, Reggae & Culture music. It has open our eyes using the Dub Machine station in other Genre, for example, Mixing Hip Hop and House music With Dub!. Amp FreQQ V2. The Software is just a sweet a very intuitive program to use, very powerful in regards of frequency to echo and reverb adjustments from high mid Low & Sub Low. With Adjustable isolations on the 4 frequency and effects. All in all a very well thought of program Fine Tuned to perfection in our opinion. With Midi mapping learning built in. We are using the Akai Midimix at the moment that gives Midi control to all the functions perfectly, will also be Mapping our NI Maschine Jam soon. As to customer service, they are all ways a text message away with instant chat. Just go to the website and see for yourself message popup window appears, Just ask a question!
I can honestly Highly Recommend Amp Freqq V2 with no hesitation. 100%
Regards, Rodion Paul
at OneCru DJ Sound Studio.

Paul Rodion Parke
Rated 5 out of 5

Adepte des effets hardware depuis longtemps,
je me suis laissé tenter par le ampFreQQ “pour voir”.
Franchement convaincu ! Pour pouvoir tester les nouveaux morceaux
en live avant de les faire presser en polyvinyle, ou simplement pour dubber a la maison
AmpfreQQ est parfait.
l’intégration avec le akai midimix nickel et surtout indispensable, je ne me voyais pas utiliser de souris en live.
les boutons sont corrects et l’interface super bien pensée, tout est accessible depuis le controleur.
Big up a la Slawter family, AmpFreqq is a must !
(edit : je me rends compte en lisant les autres avis que je n’ai pas parlé du SAV : rapide et efficace, bien a l’écoute et toujours prêts a aider !)

Sh Ouh
Rated 5 out of 5

I’m new to this programme all i can say is this, i’m having fun learning & playing Amfreqq this paired with skullcandy crusher evo headphones the experience is maad. The support is 5 stars BIG UPP Sarge & the team bringing the analog pre amp to the digital era…

Val aka Dj Valpacino

Response from AmpFreQQ

Big love to our UK family. Give thanks Val

Rated 5 out of 5

100% Company. I’m excited. Great, great service. The best program for my needs. I`m completely satisfied. For me the best purchase of 2020. I look forward to continuing to support AmpFreqq. General Bushman Vienna/ Austria


Response from AmpFreQQ

Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of AUSTRIA

Rated 5 out of 5

An heartikal Vibration in the computer Thanks Slawter studios for the quality of your products and your after-sales service.
Ampfreqq allowed me to bring a new dimension to my music productions.
I recommend it to dubbing project or just play a roots/reggae/dub track with good vibes : )
Big Respect


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Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of SWITZERLAND

Rated 5 out of 5

Compact Effective and fun!. The Amp Freq give us in super simple way the tools necessary for a live mix, leaving us with much more space for fun and less for technical details. Thats the best stuff I found for Dubbing anything. The plugin layout makes it very intuitive and fun, easily to adapt to many music genres. We gotta Dub it all!

Fabiano Lima

Response from AmpFreQQ

Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of GERMANY

Rated 5 out of 5

Super appli, super hard L appli est géniale et assez intuitive. Je ne suis pas du tout un connaisseur mais juste un passionné de musique jamaïcaine et je peux vous assurez que l on trouve ces marques très rapidement. Après c’est que du plaisir. On peut arranger ces musiques préférées. Je recommande vivement cette appli.En plus les reponses aux questions au demarrage ne se font pas attendre. Je dis bravo.


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Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of FRANCE

Rated 5 out of 5

Très bon produit, compacte et facile à transporter/utiliser !

Matt Brnc

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Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of FRANCE

Rated 5 out of 5

Tout et parfait service après vente au top et logiciel parfait je le recommande pour tous se qui aime la dub c’est un régale

Eddy Morel

Response from AmpFreQQ

Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of FRANCE

Rated 5 out of 5

Thanks to this product I have been able to start economically in the frequency management of dub Music.
It is a very complete software that allows you to twist your favorite themes.
I recommend it to everybody

Francis Lorenzo Aitken

Response from AmpFreQQ

Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of SPAIN

Rated 5 out of 5

This is very nice software for people who like reggae music and soundsystem culture or any music to dub up !


Response from AmpFreQQ

Big thanks to FreQQ family out of BELGIUM

Rated 5 out of 5

This is awesome this software gives you all the controls of a sound system preamp on your desk ! very simple and powerfull tool for every music lover !

Arno Di Andréa

Response from AmpFreQQ

Big thanks to FreQQ family out of FRANCE

Rated 5 out of 5

Seamlessly integrated sound FX are brilliant…very intuitive and customisable…. very well thought out… makes you want to play very interesting software and equipment…. Great to build a vibe…. very good simulation of Reggae Preamps…. feel 10/10 performance 10/10

Adill Al-a

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Big thanks to our FreQQ family out of UK

Rated 5 out of 5

Massive, propa Software to enhance your selecting performance when playing digital. Not to compare with any other software! All you need in a preamp is there!

Sady Veteran

Response from AmpFreQQ

Many thanks for your support, GERMAN family.

Rated 5 out of 5

I have been on the FreQQ journey since 2018 and was hooked from the moment I tried it with the FX, Kills, Filters and the overall control is something else!
Using Ampfreqq, I learnt a tremendous amount not only about dub music, but music and frequency in general and I started with keyboard control playing MP3s which was great to begin with, then I learnt how to play any source using virtual routing and suddenly I could stream from YouTube and dub it – that meant a few late nights!
I then invested in an audio interface, hook it all up with my turntable, mixer and laptop and dub what I want, however I want, no matter where it’s playing from! Now I am on Version 2 and added the midmIx, this has made my late nights go into early mornings!
So whether you want it for the occasional dub or you want to go on a musical journey, then this is an exceptional piece of kit and I highly recommend it!

Hardev Sroa

Response from AmpFreQQ

Many thanks for your support, UK family.

Rated 5 out of 5

Best little device i have used ever!!! AmpFreQQ has alot to offer when it comes to dubbing music and the controls are so easy to use aswell as the software. there is a siren and sampler mode aswell as lot of other interesting controls for you to use and play with. including kill switches!! best fun you will ever have whilst playing with the freQQ! Would definatelly recommend to anyone who loves to play with music. Whether you just started and have no experience or your fully experienced this is for you!!

Sebastian Krasuski

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Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of UK

Rated 5 out of 5

Pretty easy to use and helpfull ! Version 2 is pretty cool, easy to use and very stable on mac.


Response from AmpFreQQ

Big thanks to our FreQQ family out of FRANCE.

Rated 5 out of 5

Perfect in everything!
Best quality, awesome support, fast responde and briliant contact.
Big hugs!
I’ll back for more:D

Julia Sobczak

Response from AmpFreQQ

Much appreciated, FreQQ family out of UK.