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5.0 rating

This is great, not only as an addition to my soundsystem setup, but as a portable solution for small events. The possibilities are endless. Completely unique and the functionality has been very well thought out.

Alyn David Curtis UK
5.0 rating

Amp FreQQ è un software da sogno. Mi permette di suonare la mia musica in un modo in cui non potevo credere che fosse possibile. Posso persino riprodurre musica in streaming da Internet. Ho fatto mixtape e mi sono divertito.
Il team offre un ottimo prodotto e il supporto tecnico è fantastico.

Umberto Giannuzzo ITALY
5.0 rating

If you want to play dub music on a PC or Mac this will be the last software you’ll ever download. It has everything you can dream of from a siren (fully customizable) to a 10 band graphic EQ to kill switches. It even has an input that has FX for a turntable or a mic!
Wicked software!
And the best technical support EVER! ?❤️❤️❤️

Ken Alfaro Ponce BELGIUM
5.0 rating

Amp Freqq a big software ?????

Falone Alberto
5.0 rating

The best 2.0 control tower
Amazing soft !!!
Great effects : siren, echo and reverb
Great equalizer section and very nice sample section !!
The use with the midimix controller is soooo sweet !!!!
Very light and useful for travel and home set up !!!

Benoit After All
5.0 rating

Simply fantastic… downloading yesterday i don’t sleep all night long. Using, at moment, PC keybord, but i will buy the Midi control just have a pocket money… great AMP FREQQ…T.Y. and BLESS ??

Jah Dustah
5.0 rating

The Best Digital Pre Amp Software around!!!
Wow, what can I say, lets talk about the FreQQ V2 software, a pre amp in one box!!! kills, tape echo, reverb, sample unit, playlist capabilities Dub Filter, combine this with the Akai Midi controller with Amp FreQQ overlay, then this is the perfect Dub Unit for today’s digital market. It is easy to use, compatible with all midi control units, straight forward installation. Oh and lets not forget the dub siren!! Every control can be tweaked for your own preferences, siren echo reverb, full parametric EQ etc… Lets talk about the service >>> top class friendly personal service with a fast response to any inquiry. Technical help if needed is there with no problems if you are a technical newbie just starting out or an experienced dubbist!! Slawter Studio’s will have your back 100% >>> And finally lets talk about the cost >>>> your not going to get this quality of software and programming at this cost anywhere, combined with pure love and passion from Slawter Studios This is a peice of kit I would 100% recommend >>>>> Keep up the blessed works >>>>>

Junkyard Radix Dub Studio
5.0 rating

Una aplicacion sencillamente increíble.
el facil manejo de todos los parametros,el uso intuitivo del tape echo, todos los controles a mano y rapidamente accesibles para crear tus versiones dub o hacer una sesion en directo, y una de las mejores cosas, compatible con cualquier formato, ya sea digital o analogico. No hay nada igual ?

Salvador Ruiz Gomez
5.0 rating

Máquina super versàtil y adaptable a tu gusto, super intuitiva y de facil manejo, aparte de moldeartela al gusto de quien la use. Perfecta para su uso en directo, y con un gran servicio detras, en Barcelona le daremos un gran uso!

Edgar Corredoira Martínez
5.0 rating

Best of sound system software
Thank s for all u do ??

Cedric Gomiero
5.0 rating

Highly higly recommended. Top quality and top support service. Very kind and helpful!

Giovanni Gas
5.0 rating

Highly recommend this software for anyone interested in sound system culture. Service has also been excellent.

Sav Kang
5.0 rating

Amp Freqq es todo lo que necesitas en un único y potente software.
Se nota la dedicación y el trabajo bien hecho en cuanto lo abres. Tiene todo y más de lo que esperas. Continuamente se añaden más y más mejoras. He utilizado varias versiones del software y la última V.2 es simplemente increíble.
Realmente no necesitas nada más y todo por un muy bien precio.
Si lo estás pensando no lo dudes, no te defraudará.

Mario Crust
5.0 rating

Addict! I love this machine! Very competent, V2 is brutal, delays and reverbs are amazing just like filters. I ❤️ Amp Freqq

Roots RedPhone Riddim
5.0 rating

A lot of potential for this soft!! A great discovery, very interesting for all Dub music lovers. Easy to take hold of, very intuitive.
Special mention for the service of excellence and ultra fast!!

Ronan Hammouya
5.0 rating

A highly versatile music program that can be used with both music files (mp3/wav etc.) and vinyl records. Loads of features and effects. A great introduction to a preamp without having to spend a lot of money on hardware. And the after sales support service is 5⭐️

Stix Rizzell
5.0 rating

Amp Freqq at the user level is an authentic wonder! I am a professional musician and my knowledge on the subject is very scarce so the use I give to this program is fully playful (hobby). I’m amazed by his easy handling and good results, I spend very fun and entertaining times twisting my favorite sounds.
As a great fan of the dub scene I want to thank the crew of Amp Freqq for bringing us this magnificent tool that makes you enjoy with the best vibes without forgetting their great attention to any problems that arises.
Thank you and blessings.

Deivid Dark
5.0 rating

Alors, premièrement le SAV est juste incroyable!
Réponse très rapide, dépannage à distance et réception du Midimix très rapide malgré les temps qui court!
Le soft est très simple d’utilisation et les effets sont au rendez-vous! Assez bluffant même au début, je recommande vraiment!
Si vous hésitiez encore, j’espère que ce message vous auras convaincu!
Merci Sarge pour ton travail et ta disponibilité!

Allan aka "Shenron"
5.0 rating

I’ve been looking for years to get a proper dub setup in my home studio but Amp Freqq has made things incredibly easy. If you’re a home selector and a proper dub preamp would cost you too much, look no further and get Amp Freqq. It succesfully combines modules that would cost you much more if you’d all buy them separate. Outstanding service also, five stars!

Andreas Peeters
5.0 rating

Excellent!! recommended for live dub and not only.. everything works great!

Marco Trivulsi