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5.0 rating

I have used Amp Freqq V2 for over a month now. I am really suprised by this program. It’s really is like playing on a real pre-amp. You can boost the bass really good for a real soundsytem expierance. It really boosts my vinyl-collection. I’m really happy about the costumer service. They answer support fast and with great responses. If your still doubting just buy it !

Cedric Preaux
5.0 rating

If u love dub music…u will love it more with AmpFreQQ! Perfect thing to play indoor session but what is great…outdoor sesssion wherever u want! Spread the DUB in your town! Big up!

Eryk WadaDa Smolarek
5.0 rating

This is about DUB revolution ! Incredible, keep going that way, you make people happy !!

Rodéric Nelson
5.0 rating

Hola me llamo Leon Selector soy responsable por la Radio Rototom y estoy usando Amp Freqq hace un tiempo, lo adquirí en el Rototom Sunsplash en España y me encanta juego en casa y ahora con la versión nueva paso horas usándolo. Lo recomiendo. Apoyemos pequeñas empresas! Bigup!

Leon Selector SPAIN
5.0 rating

Amp Freqq is trully an Amazing app it lets you get on the front seat of Dub music selection you are able to do majority of effects same as a real pre amp, personally this app for me is priceless bring so many hours of fun playing your favourite roots and dub music and being able to mix them like you would hear at a shaka or abashanti or channel one dance is amazing to me and if you havent tried AmpFreqq yet you are trully missing out, be that selector be that pre amp controller theres nothing out there to match this or give you the options it does I highly recommend this App AMP FREQQ to all reggae music lovers and all types of music, bring the music alive , JAH know i love this App!!

Rico Rodex
5.0 rating

Als je er eenmaal aan begint kan je niet meer stoppen zo geavanceerd is dit product. Is het geld 100% waard

5.0 rating

Fantastic sound with warm, big Bass and crisp highs. It is basically a 4-way preamp in software form with a built in siren and the ability to playback samples, spinback tracks, set up tracklists, kill/boost the frequencies, mash it up with FX and reach Dub Nirvana. A massive amount of fun, once you have set everything up, and main man Sarge has a patient, friendly and personal approach that you will simply not find elsewhere. He puts a lot of care, love and effort into this product, which is amazing value for money. It’s being used around the world, even by those initially skeptical that any software can come close to their beloved and expensive preamps, sirens, grapic EQs and all the paraphanelia that make up the scene. One could easily imagine chucking a laptop and controller into a bag and getting on a bus or bike to a gig (when we can again! 😉 ) and simply plugging into a decent PA, and cranking it up, Shaka style. Big tings a gwaan inna Amp Freqq style and fashaan, as I would say! 🙂

Leo B

Response from AmpFreQQ

From UK

5.0 rating

The admin are very helpful to get you set up on this device. I have been enjoying using it and it sounds very very good, love the sirens. For DJs like myself who play reggae music, this is a good set up…
Highly recommended thanks

Jah Maker
5.0 rating

Awesome! Whether you are new to music production or are a seasoned dub selector, this is incredible! I have a fairly well equiped studio but the software & controller are SO much fun. Love & respect to Sarge & the Amp Freqq crew. One Love, One people, Build bridges not walls, drop acid not bombs, make DUB not war x

Lash Marash UK
5.0 rating

Now listen carefully, ONE OF THE BEST TING i have ever experienced in my life so far! from yesterday, im sleeping less, becouse i cant resist to use, play, enjoy, and being happy to playing music in my little shelter, and spread out everything through the mixer what i feel, or what am i to show and learn. Jah bless you all who worked on this project! Guidance and protection!

5.0 rating

So I bought the bundle edition which comes with the software & the controller.
Now firstly before even having anything, the person who is in charge of the this account and who messages people back about enquires all I can say that their customer service is second to none, 100% genuine and so happy to describe the product and any another things that maybe stopping you from getting it!
So I had access to the software before the controller and all I can say is that I thought it was difficult initially, but I realised how clever this software is! If you have anything that is MIDI mappable then this software allows you to do that so I mapped an old controller I had, for the time being and was really impressed!
The controller came! And the quality of the layout and where everything is on the controller is very nice and works lovely! Then I bought the Berhringer UFO202 and now I’m allowing all my vinyl to be played through the software which is fantastic, because it’s the closest you going to get to having a real capability of a real sound system!
This overall purchase has been such a pleasurable experience & i hope to stay in touch with you guys!

Rashead 'sheady' Allen
5.0 rating

This is great, not only as an addition to my soundsystem setup, but as a portable solution for small events. The possibilities are endless. Completely unique and the functionality has been very well thought out.

Alyn David Curtis UK
5.0 rating

Amp FreQQ è un software da sogno. Mi permette di suonare la mia musica in un modo in cui non potevo credere che fosse possibile. Posso persino riprodurre musica in streaming da Internet. Ho fatto mixtape e mi sono divertito.
Il team offre un ottimo prodotto e il supporto tecnico è fantastico.

Umberto Giannuzzo ITALY
5.0 rating

If you want to play dub music on a PC or Mac this will be the last software you’ll ever download. It has everything you can dream of from a siren (fully customizable) to a 10 band graphic EQ to kill switches. It even has an input that has FX for a turntable or a mic!
Wicked software!
And the best technical support EVER! ?❤️❤️❤️

Ken Alfaro Ponce BELGIUM
5.0 rating

Amp Freqq a big software ?????

Falone Alberto
5.0 rating

The best 2.0 control tower
Amazing soft !!!
Great effects : siren, echo and reverb
Great equalizer section and very nice sample section !!
The use with the midimix controller is soooo sweet !!!!
Very light and useful for travel and home set up !!!

Benoit After All
5.0 rating

Simply fantastic… downloading yesterday i don’t sleep all night long. Using, at moment, PC keybord, but i will buy the Midi control just have a pocket money… great AMP FREQQ…T.Y. and BLESS ??

Jah Dustah
5.0 rating

The Best Digital Pre Amp Software around!!!
Wow, what can I say, lets talk about the FreQQ V2 software, a pre amp in one box!!! kills, tape echo, reverb, sample unit, playlist capabilities Dub Filter, combine this with the Akai Midi controller with Amp FreQQ overlay, then this is the perfect Dub Unit for today’s digital market. It is easy to use, compatible with all midi control units, straight forward installation. Oh and lets not forget the dub siren!! Every control can be tweaked for your own preferences, siren echo reverb, full parametric EQ etc… Lets talk about the service >>> top class friendly personal service with a fast response to any inquiry. Technical help if needed is there with no problems if you are a technical newbie just starting out or an experienced dubbist!! Slawter Studio’s will have your back 100% >>> And finally lets talk about the cost >>>> your not going to get this quality of software and programming at this cost anywhere, combined with pure love and passion from Slawter Studios This is a peice of kit I would 100% recommend >>>>> Keep up the blessed works >>>>>

Junkyard Radix Dub Studio
5.0 rating

Una aplicacion sencillamente increíble.
el facil manejo de todos los parametros,el uso intuitivo del tape echo, todos los controles a mano y rapidamente accesibles para crear tus versiones dub o hacer una sesion en directo, y una de las mejores cosas, compatible con cualquier formato, ya sea digital o analogico. No hay nada igual ?

Salvador Ruiz Gomez
5.0 rating

Máquina super versàtil y adaptable a tu gusto, super intuitiva y de facil manejo, aparte de moldeartela al gusto de quien la use. Perfecta para su uso en directo, y con un gran servicio detras, en Barcelona le daremos un gran uso!

Edgar Corredoira Martínez