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Massive, propa Software to enhance your selecting performance when playing digital. Not to compare with any other software! All you need in a preamp is there!

Sady Veteran
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I have been on the FreQQ journey since 2018 and was hooked from the moment I tried it with the FX, Kills, Filters and the overall control is something else!
Using Ampfreqq, I learnt a tremendous amount not only about dub music, but music and frequency in general and I started with keyboard control playing MP3s which was great to begin with, then I learnt how to play any source using virtual routing and suddenly I could stream from YouTube and dub it – that meant a few late nights!
I then invested in an audio interface, hook it all up with my turntable, mixer and laptop and dub what I want, however I want, no matter where it’s playing from! Now I am on Version 2 and added the midmIx, this has made my late nights go into early mornings!
So whether you want it for the occasional dub or you want to go on a musical journey, then this is an exceptional piece of kit and I highly recommend it!

Hardev Sroa
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Best little device i have used ever!!! AmpFreQQ has alot to offer when it comes to dubbing music and the controls are so easy to use aswell as the software. there is a siren and sampler mode aswell as lot of other interesting controls for you to use and play with. including kill switches!! best fun you will ever have whilst playing with the freQQ! Would definatelly recommend to anyone who loves to play with music. Whether you just started and have no experience or your fully experienced this is for you!!

Sebastian Krasuski
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Pretty easy to use and helpfull ! Version 2 is pretty cool, easy to use and very stable on mac.

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Perfect in everything!
Best quality, awesome support, fast responde and briliant contact.
Big hugs!
I’ll back for more:D

Julia Sobczak
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AmpFreqq is a very useful application if you want to turn your computer into a reggae preamp. everything you’ll need like sirens, delays, tape echoes is included and on top of that the team will provide excellent support if you need it 🙂

Moritz Wayne
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Excellent software which gives you the opportunity to use stand-alone with a laptop or in combination with turn-tables, mixers, DJ controllers etc (the only limit is your imagination) to give you that authentic dub experience. Highly recommended, plus with the bonus that if you have any questions/problems the Amp FreQQ team are quick to respond with advice and help. I bought the package with the midimix included (which I now use for DJing and on a monthly reggae/dub radio show which I host – easier than lugging my control tower around!!!!
If you only buy one piece of DJ equipment this year make it Amp FreQQ – you won’t regret it.

David Shepherd DJ Sheppy
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Highly recommended software for Dub DeeJays/Selectas, Dub Artists, and reggae lovers!! The true Dub sound in a digital control tower… well worth it!!

Paul P Dubs
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I found out about AmpFreqq when I was looking for live dj options for my dub reggae music dj sets. This little, yet powerful piece of software is an entire dub dj rig packaged nicely into a super intuitive and fun app. Paired with the Akai MIDIMix, you’ll be dubbing it out in no time! 5 stars all around!!!

Charles Roy
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I am by no means a pro, but for what i do, i absolutely love Amp Freqq.
Im by no means the most tech savvy person out there but Amp Freqq is easy to map out, easy to use and get to grips with, and offers amazing functionality.
not to mention the amazing support. seriously, always happy to help out and answer questions, and always quick to reply.

Brad Davis
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Amp Freqq v2 is amazing. Such good fun at your fingertips with this.

Alex Biggles
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The best way to dub everywhere! From listening music with your earphones to playing music on a soundsystem! I’m having so much fun with the freqq! ???

Rich Carlo Suppaiah
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USA AmpFreqq in full effect
First this review is long overdue. I have had AmpFreqq for a few months. It is easy to use. The videos posted help bring you up to speed quickly if you don’t have a great understanding of all the functionality built in. Connected to Serato Wow!, now I can beat match and a number of other things to keep the vibes moving smoothly. I have been using AmpFreqq to do my weekly online performances for a local venue for a while now. Soon as our Covid 19 changes I’ll be using it out and about with my Sound system. Thanks Again Sarge and team!

Ras B
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This unit is fantastic, it is everything i have been looking for , for over a decade. I never thought id see anything like it, but WALA!! here it is!!…AWESOME, highly recommended.

Anthony Privitera
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Ottimo servizio di amministrazione e sempre utile per aiutarti in caso di problemi,
Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, suono di alta qualità, non riesco a smettere di giocarci amico, mantieni il buon lavoro

Andy Paice
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Consiglio vivamente questo, un'ottima aggiunta a qualsiasi sistema audio. Il team offre un ottimo prodotto e supporto tecnico.

Adam Markham
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Merci à toute l'équipe di Amp Freqq per il logico di malade, il rimpiazzo con un preamplificatore ... il super superasse!
Le mix final est ultra propre.
il toutes the fonctions of a vrai preamp and the possibleilt of être customisé in niveau of look. Je le recommande sans hésitations !!!

Moshi Kamachi
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Saluti Dubfreqq persone. Io sono giapponese. Consiglio vivamente questa roba malvagia Amp Freqq. Questa non è solo un'app sul computer. puoi far emergere Dubwise ovunque. non preoccuparti di scaricare il pieno supporto è perfetto e gentile. ti dimenticherai del tempo che passa.

Hirotaka Seki
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Ho avuto Amp Freqq per circa 3 settimane, è stata una gioia ogni giorno giocarci. Sono un presentatore radiofonico e ho un controller Denon con Serato e lo combino con Amp Freqq soprattutto quando ho il mio Roots & Culture Show, Xmas è arrivato presto per me
Lo adoro più del cibo cotto! ???

Bobby Gee
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Programma Fantastico! facile da usare ed intuitivo, ha tutto quello che serve per trasformare il tuo computer e le casse in un sound system 😉 Stra consigliato per chi vuole iniziare, ma anche ai già esperti per avere un equipaggiamento leggero per suonare a feste o piccole serate. Ha svoltato la mia quarantena ???

Fabio Saitto