Our entry level MINI digital audio file player

Amp-FreQQ have found a unique way to completely isolate frequencies like in a REAL Sound System. Using our awesome Kill Switches you can drop in or take out the bass just like a DJ!

With our unique visual graphs, you can carefully select EQ for each of your 3 bands (bass, mids, tops). Since, all music is recorded with different frequencies, Amp-FreQQ allows you to narrow down and boost only these selected frequencies.

With Amp-FreQQ MINI you can save ALL your favourite tracks to a playlist and simply load when you want to listen to it! Your tunes will play consecutively with the best possible sound quality, and even better you can go crazy with our Dub Siren VST feature and Kill Switches dropping the Bass in and Out!

Check out the feature list ….

3 x Adjustable Killer Switches (Bands)
10 band graphical equaliser
Spectrum Analysers
Digital file players with play-skip bar
Play Bar
Replay feature
Playlist Feature
View track length
View track names
Drag & drop files
Dub Siren VST Control
Master Limiter
Keyboard shortcut control