Our flag ship player with full midi control and extended feature set


Recommended minimum specification

WINDOWS 7, 8, 10.
– I3 Dual Core processor, 4 GB RAM, Screen Size (1366 x 768) .

– I5 with 4 GB RAM. No older than Macbook Pro (2014+)


Our flagship Digital Dub Machine, the ultimate Reggae, Dub and Bass music selectors tool set.

Amp-FreQQ MIDI software is a very versatile Bass music audio player and remixing tool that can be used in a variety of applications. Play on home HIFI,  in dances/session , on PA, on radio, make mixtapes, YouTube mixes, and even remaster from vinyl or cassette to digital WAV files! Play on any speaker set up

With full midi learn of all controls, you can customise your own setup, even add multiple functions to a single control on your controller. Very simple to assign and the app automatically saves the settings. We can advise the best layouts..

ADD Tape echos, reverbs, filter sweeps, Band kills, sirens, samples to any music from any source and record out to WAV/AIFF. If you dial in the right gain, Q and Frequency on the effects, you can add reverbs and echos to the mix, as though they were already in the original recording. Sweepable Frequency filters on our Tape echo and reverbs, allow you to virtually pick out vocals or instruments such as guitar chops or snares.

Combine with the existing keyboard controls, Amp-FreQQ MIDI works with ANY MIDI controller. Map ANY of our software parameters to your controller and dub away. Controllers, from  Novation, Korg, Akai, Behringer, M Audio and many more, worked flawlessly

With Amp-FreQQ MIDI’s real rewind feature (no pre-recorded sample here), the track is actually played backwards at 10X and slows before restarting the track. And it has an adjustable length.

This app will feel like a dream come true for many and we truly believe this is the best investment in your home musical arsenal. The reviews speak for themselves

Feature List …..

2 Digital file players with play-skip bar (WAV, MP3,FLAC) +

UNIQUE Rewind and Replay

2 Open Assignable Inputs – Stereo (CD , Turntable etc)*

Mic Input*

UNIQUE 4 Sound Band delivery with full adjustment of Q Factor, Frequency centre and gain (+64dB)

UNIQUE 3 way EQ system in combination with 10 band graphic and 4 band Parametric EQ (+/- 24dB)

UNIQUE Tape echo and reverb processors with filtergraph control of the output

UNIQUE DubFilter is our switchable Low and High pass resonant filter

VST Dub Siren Control

12 slot Sample player

Record to WAV/AIFF

Limiters for Reverb, Echo and Master

Track name and time left


*Audio interface required