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Akai Midimix

Amp FreQQ can be used with any MIDI controller. We find the Midimix to be ideal for the task.

Meet the Family

Superfly Version

Vintage HiFi Extravaganza

Operator Version

80s vibes inspired by Texas Instruments

Guerrilla Version

Papa Gab’s The Classic, reinvented.

Red Sea Version

Camouflage for a different planet.
Unique Customization

Seamless Integration

Just connect the Midimix to your computer before opening Amp FreQQ and it will be automatically detected and the default mapping will be applied and activated.


Our dubbing station is mapped to the Midimix by default. Two different mappings are provided. You can modify them to better suit you and also create new ones from scratch.

LED Buttons

We developed additional communication capabilities between Amp FreQQ and the Midimix to enable LED visual feedback.


We source the best replacement knobs available, better suited for intense operation than the ones supplied by default.


We design and manufacture beautiful overlays (a.k.a. skins) with all the controls clearly marked. The layout is the result of multiple design iterations, slowly tweaked and tested over the last 5 years to maximize the use of the main features. 

Midimix F.A.Q.

Who makes this MIDI controller?

The Midimix MIDI controller is manufactured by Akai Professional, a staple of the industry for almost 8 decades. 

Do I have to buy the Midimix from you in order to use it with Amp FreQQ?

No. Any Midimix will behave the same way.

Can I buy the controller locally?

Yes. We encourage it. 

If I already own a Midimix, how can I purchase the overlay?

You can purchase as many different overlays as you want. 

What about the knobs?


Any Questions?

Don't fear the FreQQ.

Our team is ready to answer any question about Amp FreQQ. Please use this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.