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 Watch the demo with headphones/speakers!

Join the Dub Revolution

For the first time, you can easily dub any music, without stems or individual tracks.

Unique pickout system allows for FX delivery and frequency styling. Pick out any sound and add reverb and/or echo to create your own live version and mix.

Perform live mixes (and record) with FX, frequency kills, filter sweeps, samples and sirens.

One of a kind, interactive and immersive dubbing solution.


4 Way Killers

A powerful 4-way isolator with Kill Switches to cut out or boost any group of frequencies.

Precise EQ and filter

10 Band graphic and custom 4 band parametric equalizers plus our exclusive one-knob resonant filter.

Sample player

A simple yet versatile tool to play up to 12 samples and send them through the FX processors.


Blend in reverb and echo directly into the music in a way never seen before in a DAW or DJ software.

Unique features

Dual playlist, dub siren, session recorder, rewind function and many more.

5-Star rated

A limitless, creative and immersive dubwise experience. Read our happy user’s reviews.


Two decks to play digital audio files, completed with playlists and rewind.

Extra input channels to connect mics, dub sirens or any other audio sources.

From turntables to mobile phones: if you can plug it, you can dub it.

Connect any DJ software or DAW using internal or external setups.


The most important controls are pre-mapped 
for precise and instant operation.


Designed for everybody: from the bedroom selector to the sound system specialist.

Endless combinations, adaptable to any setup: any speakers, anywhere, anytime.
Highly intuitive, simple learning curve. An everlasting musical journey.

Learn more about our concept

Amplify Frequencies = Amp FreQQ
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Watch our demo videos

The FreQQ on short video format
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4 Way isolator

  • Fully adjustable frequency cutoff, Q factor, gain (+12dB) and VU meters for each band.
  • FX, dub siren, microphone and sample player bypass and go straight to master.

Play any source

  • Twin digital deck players (mp3, m4a, wav, aiff and flac) with rewind (adjustable length) and auto-repeat.
  • Playlist save & load, playbar browse & cue (MIDI mappable).
  • Audio inputs for any source, e.g. turntable*, CD player, cassette tape, mobile phone, streaming services, DAW and DJ software**.
  • Additional audio inputs for sources such as microphone, dub siren, synth drum, instruments, with independent FX sends.


  • Tape echo modeled on the classic HH Slider tape echo. Full control over feedback, time and tape saturation. Custom band pass filter with sweep and Q factor control.
  • Reverb processor with extended control over room, high frequency damping and gain levels. Custom band pass filter with sweep and Q factor control.
  • Unique punch in FX operation based on momentary triggers allows for accurate timing and delivery.

Dub filter

  • Switchable HP/LP, one-knob style resonant filter with 3 different routing options: A) Only on music source, B) On master output, C) On samples only. One of a kind dubwise implementation.
  • Q Factor control for extended resonant sound-shaping.


  • In addition to the extra gains available on the killer bands, a further 4 band parametric EQ (dynamic readings of frequency cutoff) with +/-24 dB
  • 10 Band graphic EQ with +/-10 dB.
  • EQ routing selector allows for any combination of the above. 45 Hz cut switch.

Session recorder

  • Wav/Aiff master output recording.


  • Dedicated adjustable limiters for master, reverb and echo.

Dub siren

  • Pitch control.
  • Dual LFO (sine and square waveform) with dedicated rate and depth controls.
  • Echo send level.
  • 12 Slot preset selector with save & load sets.
  • Bitcrusher and sample rate.

Sampler player

  • 12 Slot (momentary and one-shot play).
  • Effects send level.
  • High pass filter.
  • Clear all samples button.


  • Fully mappable. Every parameter on screen can be assigned to one or several controls on one or more MIDI controllers. One or more parameters can be mapped to a single control.
  • Custom integration with Akai MidiMix including LED feedback.
  • Compatible with any class-compliant MIDI controller.
  • Save & load MIDI configuration and mappings.
  • Re-scan function.
  • Controller list display.

User modes

  • Safe mode (killer frequencies and gains are restricted to usables ranges, as are FX and dub filter). Simplified interface.
  • Advanced mode is unrestricted and displays full interface.

Keyboard control

  • The most important controls are pre-mapped for precise and instant operation.
  • Browse through playlists, load & play songs.
  • Forget about trackpad or mouse. Perfectly usable without MIDI controller.

Spectrum analyzer and customization

  • FFT Spectrum analyser displays master signal.
  • Linear or Logarithmic options.
  • 3 Way selector to choose from Spectrum display, EQ’s or Static image.
  • Use your own logo or image to overlay the Spectrum and choose a background colour for the entire UI, using the colour picker in setup.

* Phono amplification / RIAA correction may be needed (audio interface, dj mixer or phono stage).

** Third party software required  such as Soundflower (Mac) or VB HIFI Cable (Windows).