Endorsements and Customer videos

Dougie Conscious endorses Amp freQQ Software

Russ D from the disciples, endorsing Amp FreQQ software

Aba Shanti I on Amp FreQQ preamp software for the first time

Robert Tribulation, on Amp FreQQ for the first time

Papa Gab outta SPAIN with a brilliant demo with Akai MIDIMIX

Rico from OBF Endorsing Amp FreQQ MIDI @ IDG Bigastro 2018

A nice demo video from Jean Naphtali outta FRANCE

Daniele outta TENERIFE Canary Islands

Our first female customer out of GERMANY. Tine Dub

Diego Edom Ginga Rainha Sistema de Som playing from BRAZIL

Vila Dib outta of Barcelona SPAIN, having a vibes full day

CZECH Brother Ras Reuas giving us a demo on Amp-FreQQ

Pierre outta VIETNAM highly recommending Amp FreQQ MIDI

Stefano outta ITALY meets Amp FreQQ