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Interview with Red Phone Riddims

Ver en español Thank you for joining us today. Last week we featured your latest work, Tigre Dub. We did it not only because you used Amp FreQQ to finalize the versions, but because we love the production itself. It has its own personality. Could you tell us about your approach towards music production? First […]

Entrevista a Red Phone Riddims

Read in English Gracias por dedicarnos unos minutos. La semana pasada reseñamos tu última producción (Tigre Dub), no sólo porque usaste Amp FreQQ para finalizar las versiones, sino porque nos encanta el carácter de toda la producción. ¿Podrías contarnos más sobre tu forma de producir? ¿Usas alguna DAW como núcleo de tu estudio? Hola. Lo […]

Red Phone Riddims new production

Our user base never stop making us proud! We designed Amp FreQQ with an open mind approach, so you can imagine the smile on our faces when we found out that Red Phone Riddims (outta Granada, Spain) choose our flagship tool to mix the dub versions of Tigre Dub, his latest release. Hopefully, we will […]