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Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #6 Guests: Juan Roots & Mornin’Wood

Gather around! Dubbing warriors Juan Roots & Mornin’Wood join me for the 6th installment of this show. We added a Midi Fighter 3D to have some fun with Amp Freqq’s sample player, but then we basically forgot about it. We also moved the Twister up to the dashboard. That way we have Amp Freqq’s siren on the right side and Benidub’s siren on the left side, so anyone can reach at least one of them at any moment. Yes kids, dubbing is a must but ergonomy is a must also. Anyways, on the next episode we will go deeper into Amp Freqq’s siren, controlling it’s 8 knobs and trigger with the Midi Fighter Twister.

THE FREQQ SHOW by KIKI SLAWTER Every thursday 8pm (GMT2) on https://www.facebook.com/ampfreqq

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