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What is Amp FreQQ?

Amp FreQQ is a boutique music playback software for PC and Mac that allows you to recreate the sound system dubbing experience through a unique sound processing digital dashboard. Our community includes a wide array of music enthusiasts, from reggae selectors to electronic music DJs, even singers and MCs.

You can use any audio source, including vinyl, microphones, your own DAW, or your MP3 collection. This caters to both pros with high-end equipment, and music lovers exploring the dubbing world alike.

The genesis of this project, in the words of the person who started it all:

Having spent years immersed in the realms of computer and music technologies, I couldn't help but wonder why there was an absence of software emulations for reggae preamps. I found hardware to be a bit clunky in performance, especially regarding how the FXs work and how they blend into the mix. That’s why I designed Amp FreQQ as an all-in-one solution that allows the user to isolate any sound, on the fly, and blend it back into the music seamlessly.


Founder & Originator

While Reggae is at the core of Amp FreQQ’s design, development, and specifications, we aimed our efforts at creating a disruptive audio processing tool that would add value across music genres. Reaching out to such a diverse audience helped us realize that people from many different music backgrounds love Amp FreQQ and the capabilities it brings.

A unique challenge

That realization didn’t come alone. We were made aware soon in the development process of one fundamental fact: a user base with a diverse musical background is also diverse in regards to the technological background of the users. What would be a serious challenge in itself in any other audio-related project, becomes multidimensional when we factor in this: a veteran and/or tech-savvy DJ might know nothing about the technology used for dubbing. For us, that meant that finding the right balance was paramount. The right balance between what’s easy to use and what’s powerful. That motto guided every decision behind each feature and specification, every step of the way: from the sketching board to the final default settings

Special consideration was given to sort out the stuff that should stay as faithful as possible to the original concept from those aspects that would greatly benefit from a completely new approach from a software perspective

Being at the same time hardware nerds and software developers, we benefit from an open-minded philosophy. That has proven to be our key weapon when it came to the hazardous task of "translating" the interconnected bits and pieces of a sound system control tower into a software environment.


Creative/Managing Director

But of course, talking about an “original concept” when addressing the study of the sound system preamp tradition is in itself a complex task, given the grassroots inception and the organic evolution of such technology and the culture that grew, and continues to grow around it.

Not your everyday preamp

This is probably a good time to clarify something to some readers who might be a little baffled by our use of the term preamp. To an outsider, a preamp can be several things, usually related to microphones and electric guitars. If that is your case right now, it’s ok. You are not alone. In Reggae culture we are fond of what some would consider misnomers. In a similar fashion to how we call singers deejays, DJs are called selectors, and the word “original” keeps unironically being repeated over and over, the word preamp has managed to gain a wider meaning.

Therefore, when we talk about a preamp it implies a device that, at the very least, handles audio inputs and FX routing, allows for frequency manipulation to a certain extent, and feeds the output master signal to the next device on the chain. For FX (like reverb and echo) or sound generators (like a siren), they require external units. Moreover, most preamps lack built-in graphic equalizers and resonant filters, requiring therefore to add more hardware. These complex ecosystems of devices and gizmos are called control towers. Add to the list a set of 3 adjustable limiters, a sample player, and an audio recorder, and you will get an idea of what Amp FreQQ offers as an integrated system.  

If you wanted to recreate the whole setup with analog gear, you would be looking at thousands of dollars. Having such an affordable alternative with Amp FreQQ has opened the door for many people that wouldn’t be able to experiment otherwise.​

At the same time, longtime sound system owners around the globe are finding Amp FreQQ to be a killer addition to their beloved and carefully refined setups.

I am yet to meet one person who can't resonate with at least one feature of the software. The flexibility of AmpFreQQ and the in depth, thought through design both on the front end and the back end, means that absolutely anyone can find a use for the software that fits their needs. Every person that has given it a go, whether they love dub, hip hop or jungle, whether they are musical or not, whether they are tech savvy or novice – has felt the joy that we want you all to experience. AmpFreQQ is a revolutionary tool. It has completely changed my understanding of music and the way I listen to it. I've gone from loving music to becoming a complete FreQQ over it.

Kiki Slawter

Dub Secretary / Weekly Show Specialist

What's next?

Getting to fully develop and release Amp FreQQ v3 has been a long journey. From this point forward, we will focus on finishing, testing and publishing two new killer apps that will expand the FreQQ ecosystem further. 


We are Slawter Studios, Ltd.

SLAWTER STUDIOS LTD is an active Private Limited Company, registered at Companies House under the number 11926466. SLAWTER STUDIOS LTD was incorporated on 4 April 2019 with a registered office address based in Ealing.


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