Amp-FreQQ is a dream come true..


Welcome to our story

This desktop application began as a personal project after Sarge was fed up with a lack of facilities in existing hardware and DJ software
Sarge has a long history with both computing and music technologies. He comes from the days of DOS, when music was made using an Atari ST1040 to sequence midi hardware. He watched as the technology developed and saw through the development of, Cubase, VST, Reason, Live, etc.
The main picture is Brams’ from Chalice Sound, an audiophile customer of ours, using and endorsing Amp FreQQ in his Impressive Studio. The picture on the right was Sarges home set up
Though he very much enjoyed making music, he found more joy in playing and listening to it.
After using his aging analogue 80’s preamp for a number of years, he decided to embark on making something a little more special and mobile. This personal project, turned out to be way better than anticipated. It overcame all the limitations of hardware and added incredible new dimensions. The prototype produced some incredible results.
A decision was made to share this with the community that had given so much over the years. After some cosmetic redevelopment, the digital dub machine of the future was born. V1 Launched in December 2017.
Not only does it play digital files such as WAV and MP3, it also has inputs for any other source and even a mic. Finally, we can play and mix just like sound systems at home and deliver music in 4 sounds bands to any speaker system. Plus it includes VST Dub siren control, echos, reverbs, EQ Kills, filter sweeps and more. Easy to use with, carefully chosen keyboard shortcuts and a simple user interface that allows you to visually set frequencies.
Amp-FreQQ is a cross between, a MP3/Wav player, music making software (DAW) and a reggae preamp . Thanks to our special implementation of features, we believe we have the most unique piece of musical arsenal for Sound System culture, made in decades. Check out our testimonials from customers we have from all around the globe.
Respects Amp FreQQ Team

This map shows the countries where our app has reached !