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Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #6 Guests: Juan Roots & Mornin’Wood

Gather around! Dubbing warriors Juan Roots & Mornin’Wood join me for the 6th installment of this show. We added a Midi Fighter 3D to have some fun with Amp Freqq’s sample player, but then we basically forgot about it. We also moved the Twister up to the dashboard. That way we have Amp Freqq’s siren […]

Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #5 Guest: Juan Roots

Four hands on deck! Vinyl veteran Juan Roots joins me this week with a slick selection on wax. Tuff Kaya · Amplitude By Tuff Kaya Ep5 Guest: Juan Roots (Amp FreQQ Live Dubbing)

New support page

We proudly present our support page. It serves as a knowledge base for everything related to Amp FreQQ, from setup to advanced audio routings. Go to the support page

Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #4

Crucial Reggae tunes inna dub fashion, showcasing the power of Amp Freqq in combination with all sorts of crazy hardware.