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Amp FreQQ v3 is a digital dub station for Windows and Mac

Breath new life into your music effortlessly. Incorporate FX, add wailing sirens or captivating samples, and create your very own unique version of any pre-recorded track. The best part? Our system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and very easy to operate

Photo credit: Edica @dubneffection

Dub anything anywhere

Amp FreQQ eliminates the need to carry lots of equipment and the laborious task of cabling and setting up. Simply plug and play.

Hands-on control

The FreQQ works with any MIDI controller. We found the Midimix from Akai best suited our needs and preassigned the most important controls, whilst enabling LED feedback. We also manufacture beautiful overlays with all the controls clearly marked and source the best replacement knobs available, better suited for intense dubbing.

Photo credit: Encarni Domínguez Díaz @encarnidominguezdiaz

5-Star Reviews

 100% positive feedback from our customers

Chris Bassy
December 2021
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Absolutely amazing little piece of kit. The most compact dub station ever! Combined with the midimix controller this will give you endless hours of fun dubbing your favorite tracks! The fx units sound great and it’s all very intuitive once you get used to the controls. Excellent customer support from Sarge as well to help with set up or any questions. I had been thinking about getting the Amp FreQQ for a while and now I regret I didn’t go for it much sooner! Massive Big ups 💚💛❤️
Josh Day
September 2021
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Absolutly banging! Loving ampfreqq. It makes me wanna play all the tunes I haven't listened to in ages cus they're different every time through this. So so fun being in control of the dub. It was easy to connect to an audio interface to go through my guitar amp as well which is sic having the guitar an delay pedal to jam over the top of the dubs 🤯 Any questions I had were answered so quick and real personable, 🙏 thank you for creating this Sarge, hero!
Manu Lopez
July 2021
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El mejor programa para hacer dub!! Sin ninguna duda!! Si te gusta el reggae y el dub tienes que tener esta poderosa herramienta en tu arsenal!! Calidad de sonido al alcance de cualquiera!! No necesitas ni tener stems, con tener una canción o instrumental es suficiente para poder crear algo increíblemente potente!! Úsalo en tus producciones o en directo, estilo soundsystem!! Un Amor y arriba AmpFreQQ!! 💚💛❤ 🔥💣📢
Chris Cros
June 2021
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After following Amp Freqq for 4 years Uniroots Sound has joined the Revolution! Fantastic piece of software that manages all levels and frequency’s ! Dont miss out ! Merci Amp Freqq
Sergio Movellán Rodriguez
May 2021
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The application is fantastic, I am creating dub in a professional way, both the controls and the mappings of the application are great. The customer service is 10, always attentive and helping in the configuration. This app should have been found much earlier ... Thank you very much team, you are the best !!! Dub it !!!
Kenny Dargan
April 2021
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Absolutely amazing software giving you control over your music, allowing you to play your music as you would an instrument and ensuring your sets are unique every time. Authentic sound and operation and so quick to get up, running and dubbing, I love it! Highly recommend for any and all bass music aficionados.
Dee General
February 2021
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So happy with this piece of kit. Got it just after new year as I thought it would work perfectly with my set up and I’ve not been disappointed at all. The setup was easy and painless with a full guide on their site to help you through it. I even emailed the company on New Year’s Day for help and they replied within 20 minutes ( top marks ).
Sh Oud
January 2021
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adepte des effets hardware depuis longtemps, je me suis laissé tenter par le ampFreQQ "pour voir". Franchement convaincu ! Pour pouvoir tester les nouveaux morceaux en live avant de les faire presser en polyvinyle, ou simplement pour dubber a la maison AmpfreQQ est parfait. l'intégration avec le akai midimix nickel et surtout indispensable, je ne me voyais pas utiliser de souris en live. les boutons sont corrects et l'interface super bien pensée, tout est accessible depuis le controleur.
Matt Brnc
November 2020
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Très bon produit, compacte et facile à transporter/utiliser !
Eddy Morel
November 2020
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Tout et parfait service après vente au top et logiciel parfait je le recommande pour tous se qui aime la dub c'est un régale
Arno Di Andréa
October 2020
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This is awesome this software gives you all the controls of a sound system preamp on your desk ! very simple and powerfull tool for every music lover !
Sady Veteran
September 2020
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massive, propa Software to enhance your selecting performance when playing digital. Not to compare with any other software! All you need in a preamp is there!
Sebastian Krasuski
September 2020
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Best little device i have used ever!!! AmpFreQQ has alot to offer when it comes to dubbing music and the controls are so easy to use aswell as the software. there is a siren and sampler mode aswell as lot of other interesting controls for you to use and play with. including kill switches!! best fun you will ever have whilst playing with the freQQ! Would definatelly recommend to anyone who loves to play with music. Whether you just started and have no experience or your fully experienced this is for you!!
May 2022
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Great!!!, Amazing tool, versatile and fun to use. Definitely reccomend it for all dubheads!
Elliot P
June 2022
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Amp Freqq software – Must Have. I have been a beatmaker for well over 15 years, however I was part of a Dub band in the earlier stages of my career. One of the things I have always wanted to do was play my beats out proper soundsystem style. After discovering Amp Freqq, I’ve literally been able to do just that. Extremely easy to set up, able to run alongside other DAWS (Ableton, Logic) with ease and little to no pressure on processing speed, the dub siren is great fun – But one thing that stands out the most is the richness of its sound and the saturation it gives to music, honestly makes even some of my roughest beats sound complete and coherent. If you’re thinking about getting this I highly reccomend.
Antón MillánJune 2022
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Muy buena herramienta. funciona todo a la perfección, fácil de configurar y utilizar. kills, echo, sirena, reverb… muy intuitivo, visual y práctico para hacer un dj set en cualquier sitio.
Serge EhrhardtJune 2022
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The must have app for dubbers! With high quality after sales service! They know what they are doing, you’ll be in good hands! Big Up la team AmpFreqq ! ❤
The Village Green Sound System
June 2022
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Dub inspiration at your fingertips. Deeply inspiring software. Just playing old roots tunes through it and adding the odd effect here and there has made me fall back in love with the music of my youth.
Reji Gahunia
July 2022
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This is an amazing app, always wanted to be a selector and this is the tool to do the job. I like how user friendly it is and how easily you can hook this up to a real soundsystem. A great piece of software and made better with the Akai controller you can get. Amust for all soundmans and dubheads!!!
The dubmachine
July 2022
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So happy with the ampfreqq v2. The dubmachine It really lifts up any track you run trough the software and you can easily dub and tweak with the knobs on the mixer. Great for home or live sessions!
Simon Barker
September 2022
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Wake the town an tell the people Amp Freqq V3 is coming your way!!! Awesome software, built by awesome people, allowing you to bang out your awesome dubs……. Spread the word ! Customer support is also second to none – thanks again
Main Features

Kills / Isolator

Sub-Bass, bass, mids, and tops isolator with kill switches.

Reverb and Echo FX

Seamlessly blend in reverb and echo FX.

Precise EQ

10-Band graphic EQ + parametric EQ with band sweep.

Dub Anything​

Play music from any source: digital files, vinyl records, mics, and even a DAW or DJ software.

Dub Siren

A powerful sound generator with 2 LFOs, bit crusher, echo send, and preset management.

And tons more!

Resonant filter, sample player, session recorder, adjustable limiters… all you need to start dubbing today!

Endorsed by Specialists Worldwide

Our performance-oriented approach is changing minds across the world

Zion Train


“Having used Amp FreQQ on DJ sets in Italy, USA, and Mexico, I find it to be the perfect tool to select and operate 2 track music dubwise style… It brings all the fun of the preamp into the laptop. I highly recommend it.”



“If you are a selector, if you like to dub, give life to your music, this program, this tool is Sunshine.”

Mexican Stepper


“The tape echo and the reverb processor bring you a whole universe of possibilities. A complete dub experience. The Dub Machine.”

A Growing Community

We are making the joy of dubbing available everywhere

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